Young Achievers’ Awards 2016

  • Young Achievers' Awards 2016

Young Achievers’ Awards 2016

Hastings Heretaunga Lion Club Young Achievers’ Awards

This is an amazing annual event we’ve covered for several years, where the Hastings Heretaunga Lion Club pays tribute to two outstanding students from each of the secondary schools in Hastings and Havelock North. Former Havelock North photographer Terry Winn presents some wonderful portraits of the students relating to their chosen field of interest and we’re treated to a musical performance by the students themselves. My role is to photograph each presentation (candid) followed by portraits of the students and their families (under studio lighting).

The full album of photographs taken by Duncan Brown is no longer available online; please contact us to view.

Client name
Hastings Heretaunga Lion Club
Portraiture, Low-light photography, Shooting on location, Studio Photography, Candid, Event photography